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Your teeth, believe it or not, are a big determining factor of health and well being. Your teeth, like your skin, can manifest many different signs of health problems, aging, and many other problems. As we age, we lose them. When we don’t have them, we can’t necessarily eat the foods and get the nutrition that our bodies need. But of course, malnutrition can contribute to unhealthy gums and loss of teeth. But there are a few major things that your teeth, comfortable or not, can tell you.

1. Flat, worn teeth with a headache
This works as a sign of major stress. When you are stressed out, you tend to grind your teeth. Some people do it even without stress. But most teeth grinders are situational. It may start with flatness of the teeth, and this much stress on the teeth hurts the head and jaw as a whole. You do this in your sleep when you are not aware of it.

2. Cracking, crumbling teeth
This may be a major sign of GERD, which can be connected to heartburn. Older adults are especially vulnerable, and the teeth can appear to crack or crumble away. This can actually happen at any age, when they are broken down by the acid in the stomach which dissolves them. Dry mouth can also be associated with this problem.

3. Sores that won’t go away
This could be a sign of oral cancer. Some bite the gums as a nervous habit. But these accidental sores will go away over time. When you injure or don’t injure the tissue and there is a sore that does not disappear, you may find that you have oral cancer. 21,000 men and 9,000 women a year are diagnosed with this problem. If they are raised sores that are red or white, or they lurk under the tongue, they can cause problems.

4. Gums growing over teeth
Medication problems, largely with antidepressants and antipsychotics such as Zoloft and Prozac, can cause the gums to actually grow over the teeth. Likewise, those for heart disease or seizures or those that suppress the immune system can cause this problem. If you have this problem, you should talk to your doctor. If it’s uncomfortable, obviously it is more important.

5. Dry Mouth
Dry mouth can lead to gingivitis and a number of other common problems. But it can be caused by problems with diabetes or Sjorgren’s syndrome. Other things like dehydration, allergies, smoking, and new medications can contribute to this. So you will find that you should not necessarily freak out. If you also see things like excessive thirst, tingling in the hands or feet, frequent urination, blurred vision, and weight loss, you should check with your doctor.

Men are thought to get better with age. We see certain men, and we say they aged gracefully. Obviously, they are thought of as being more successful over time. In many ways, you would think that getting older is actually a good thing. Ultimately, we look up to figures like Hugh Hefner, or at least men do. He’s an older man who has multiple young and beautiful women. However, men worry about getting old too. Men worry about serious problems that come with aging. So what do men fear most about aging?

1. Impotence
Men value sex and sexual prowess. There is no question that men want to perform well, and it’s embarrassing not only with women, but among their friends, not to be able to. It’s emasculating, and when the libido diminishes or they suffer sexual dysfunction, it produces anxiety and other problems. After all, according to one British study, men think about sex 13 times a day as opposed to the 5 times a day in women. Being impotent is actually scarier to the average man than even cancer. You can fight problems like this with something as simple as checking and keeping in check your cholesterol levels. 3 out of 4 men who fight erectile dysfunction actually suffer from obesity and high cholesterol. After all, restricted blood flow can also extend to the penis and other sexual organs.

2. Weakness
In many ways, men focus on power. While we like being smart, men also value physical power and strength. With aging, you will find that it can increase fat while decreasing natural muscle mass. When the strength and vigor in the average man starts to slide, they feel inadequate. You can fight this by working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. It may become harder as you age. But strength training is a basic way to get better results.

3. Retirement
When men retire, they want to have a certain legacy. They don’t want to be irrelevant. They define themselves in some ways by their careers. Without their careers, do they become irrelevant? They have filled their time and defined themselves with this for years. Women have an easier time giving up work. It doesn’t apply every time, but it often happens this way.

4. Losing their independence
Women don’t like being dependent on others, but men hate it even more. Whether he responds by buying his favorite car that he could never afford before or finding a new and younger model, a man reflects on his own identity in this particular way. Cars represent a certain freedom and independence. Frankly, men fear not being able to drive and having their license taken away. There is really no way to fight this. Over time, you may find yourself unable to drive properly and at that time, you can take it the graceful way or fight it. Either way, driving after a certain point, which depends on the individual, is simply not as safe as it used to be. You have to consider the safety and wellbeing of other people around you.

5. Becoming insane or losing competency
Some men fear losing their minds, and some fear that their wives will lose theirs. Men are more likely to suffer problems with Alzheimer’s disease. They get it early according to studies. Most men, in relation to their wives, are not used to being the caregiver. There’s no surefire way to prevent Alzheimer’s. But you can focus on other things such as preventing problems like heart disease with a healthy diet and exercise program.