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Dairy and allergiesAside from the occasional lactose intolerant, dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream etc. haven’t seemed to pose a problem and are even often marketed as “healthy.” What you may not realize however, is that dairy can worsen the effects of seasonal allergies, not just influence lactose intolerance.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies usually inflict their fury on those with overactive immune systems. An “allergen” makes its way into your respiratory tract and your body immediately goes onto the defense. By sneezing, coughing, and eyes watering, your body is trying its best to get rid of every trace of that allergen. This can pose quite a problem when spring time rolls around and pollen is everywhere and your nose feels like a leaky faucet that you’d sell your left leg to turn off.

How Does Dairy Effect Seasonal Allergies?

You dairy lovers out there who drink milk with every meal and have cheese on every sandwich, did you know that those pasteurized treats are only worsening your allergies?

Dairy products contain arachidonic acids which increase your body’s production of leukotrienes. Leukotrienes restrict the bronchial tubes and make it hard for air to pass through to your lungs. This reaction can bring on the production of phlegm and mucus which can only make your allergies worse.

Your immune system can also be weakened by dairy products. Weakened immune systems have the tendency to overreact to allergens like foods, pollen, dust, or pets and can worsen symptoms further. Additionally, dairy products contain high amounts of saturated fats, these can also weaken the immune system.

Our Recommendation

Test yourself. Although it might be difficult if you’re a regular dairy consumer, try going off of dairy for a week. This means eliminating all milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. from your diet. Simply push them to the back of the fridge and see if your allergy symptoms become alleviated. It’s quite possible that your allergies won’t vanish altogether, but more likely than not, your immune system will become stronger and you’ll notice a drastic drop in the rate at which your nose leaks.


Are you tired of fad diets, wrinkle creams, and rumors that talking on your cell phone at the gas station will lead to cancer? Well, so are we, so we’ve compiled a list of 25 simple, truthful, and fail-proof ways to be healthier.

1. Drink more water-you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily

2. Wear sunscreen-the number one cause of skin cancer is sun damage

3. Exercise-get out and be active for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times per week

4. Lift weights-no matter your gender, ethnicity, or age, weight lifting (whether it’s 2 pounds or 200) will increase your bone density

5. Eat family dinner-spending time with your family at the end of the day has been shown to improve mental health

6. Take a daily vitamin-you should be getting everything you need through your diet, but daily vitamins can’t be harmful and are a good safety net

7. Get more sleep-your body repairs and rejuvinates while you sleep, the more you sleep the more ready and able you’ll be to face the day

8. Watch less TV- the more often you engage your mind the less likely you’ll be to develop dimentia or alzheimer’s

9. Spend more time outside-wear sunscreen or a hat, but gardening, walking, hiking, playing in the sprinklers etc. has shown to improve your mood due to extra vitamin D exposure.

10. Cut out processed foods- the more processed food you eat the more likely it is that you’ll develop health issues like obesity and cardiovascular disease

11. Eat like the Greeks-a mediteranean diet has proven to be the healthiest because of how fresh and packed with nutrients it is

12. Eat your meals sitting down- sitting while eating improves digestion and helps you eat slower so you aren’t as likely to overeat

13. Don’t drink your calories-turn to water when you’re thirsty. Sugary drinks aren’t good for your teeth or your waistline.

14. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner, dinner like a pauper-eating big breakfasts jumpstart metabolism and eating less at night will help you sleep better.

15. Focus on gratitude-counting your blessing allows you to pull your focus from the negative aspects of your life and lighten your outlook.

16. Be a picky eater-if you know that a food item is not going to be satisfying, don’t put it in your mouth

17. Eating right is better than supplementing-although supplements can be good dietary aids, it is always better to eat the whole versions of the supplements you’re taking

18. Sign up for an event-whether it be a race or just an organized walk. Having a goal will increase your motivation to get in shape ten fold.

19. Eat at home-when you cook at home you know exactly what’s being put into your meals and it is less expensive than constantly eating out and eating high-calorie meals.

20. Find a workout partner-you’re so much more likely to to get up and exercise when you have someone to do it with you. Push each other.

These tips and ideas are easy to incorporate into your daily health and fitness regimen and will help you lead a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.