use fuel for foodMany people find that despite the fact that they’re working out more and eating less, they still can’t lose weight, and in some cases they might even be gaining it.

In this CNN article, Triathlete Nina Lovel talks about her weight loss success and gives tips on how to eat for fuel rather than out of habit. This has helped many people lose more weight and get past those roadblocks.

Eat Intentionally

Surprisingly, one of the ways to lose weight is by eating more? Confused? We were too, but it turns out that if your body is in starvation mode you aren’t going to be able to lose any weight.

In fact, your body will most likely produce more of the stress hormone that causes you to gain weight, rather than lose it.

By eating every three hours you will be able to tell your body that it doesn’t need to store excess calories at food, meaning that you will store less as fat.

Workout as a Reward

Too often we fall into thinking that we can eat whatever we wanted as long as we went on a run that morning. However, as many dieters find out the hard way, this usually doesn’t result in weight loss.

Instead, change the way you think into believing that having the opportunity to workout is the reward, not the cupcake at the end of the treadmill.

Indulge Healthily

You don’t have to eat something that is laden in butter and sugar in order for you to feel happy while you’re eating it. Think of kale potato chips and spinach smoothies for a more natural way to satisfy your sinful tastes.

If you think that the only healthy foods out there are ones that come from the salad menu, simply expand your recipe repertoire and you’ll be rewarded with diets that aren’t miserable and weight loss as well!

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